Mitch Waite and the Computer Book Revolution from 1975 - 1995

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Stock Markets and Kids

This compounding calculator was part of the Dr Yield Investing Lab I developed in 1998.

An integral part of my contract agreement with MCP involved a non-compete clause that prevented me from publishing computer books for five years.

I wasn't concerned as the world of books seemed to fade as more people turned to the Internet to learn subjects.

1996 to 2001 became my time to investigate new and different avenues.

The most significant change in my life as a retired entrepreneur? My first child emerged into the clear light of day in October 1996.

Having Carly Rose completely shifted my perspective about what was important in life, something almost all parents experience. As the birth of my child utterly turned my head around, I had to wonder what had taken me so long to make myself available to this beautiful experience finally.

At the same time, my interests turned to preserving my wealth and thus evolving toward the stock market. This was mainly due to my accountant convincing me to focus more on long-term investing, but secondly, because the stock market was becoming the initiation ground for all my friends, and it seemed odd for me not to dive in.

Given the booming stock market due to the dot com Internet revolution, a group of successful friends who hung out at the Mill Valley Depot Coffee Shop decided to start a stock market investing club. The illustration is one of several machines I created with the original illustrator for my early books. My goal was to create a book called Dr. Yield's Investing Lab.