Era / The Early Years

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My first article: How to Build a Brainwave Monitor

Remember 1972? Hippies? Tune in and drop out? Sideburns, boots and VW buses? Back to the earth? Make love not war? Become one with the universe? I was not the only one fascinated by the lure of Zen practice, nor was I alone among would-be adepts to encounter many obstacles to attaining a state of … read more

Projects in Sight, Sound and Sensation

On the heels of my 1972 success with the biofeedback project, I focused on a goal to deliver a book covering the sum total of provocative “edge” technologies that I had experimented with to date. After all, I was now “the writer”, so I needed to prove my meld. How many such “deep exploration” technical … read more

Microcomputer Primer

The mid-1970s were the days that saw the infancy of microprocessor chips. I became certain that these tiny ‘silicon minds’ were poised to transform the world. But few too many people–at that time–would have agreed with such a prediction. Projects in Sight, Sound & Sensation had failed to capture public imagination in 1974. I knew … read more

Your Own Computer

While I had conceived and written Microcomputer Primer for techies, the average Joe was struggling with what–in 1977–seemed a bizarre question indeed: “Why would I want a personal computer in my home?” We tried to answer this perplexing query with Your Own Computer, a title I co-authored with Michael Pardee. The answer? Never underestimate the … read more

Computer Graphics Primer

It’s 1979. I have now performed a mind-meld with the technological marvel that is known as the Apple One computer. Steve Jobs, a figure who emerges from a Volkswagen bus in torn jeans, arrives dockside at my houseboat. He asks to see the weather station I have created with the Apple. I oblige him with … read more

CP/M Primer

Twisters do not inevitably touch down on the Kansas plains, and Microsoft was not always king of the desktop. Set the time at 1980. A company called Digital Research owns the operating system for Intel-based PCs. It is called CP/M. The concept of a “primer” strikes a chord with readers, and so do concise, easy-to-digest … read more

Welcome to New York

The years 1982 to 1984 marked a critical shift in the computer book trade. The markets for these titles were accelerating, and so were the challenges! Previously I had placed each of my books with Howard W. Sams, then a small press based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Sams was directed by people I would characterize as … read more