switchgrass biofuel disadvantages

28 Oct. 2012. We are in an environmental crisis with rates of greenhouse gases that have been skyrocketing. Ethanol fuel pros and cons show that this biofuel has great promise and potential, and when it is switchgrass ethanol the pros are increased while there are fewer disadvantages. Switchgrass itself is a warm-seasoned perennial plant native to North America. Lastly, we will move on to Gracie Boyle who will be talking to us from the governments standpoints. As it already grows in abundance in many parts of North America, we would not need to sacrifice much land for the growth of the plant, and the maintenance would not be too difficult as it is very sustainable. Biofuel advocates frequently point out the advantages of these plant- and animal-based fuels. Adewumi, Michael A. I believe we need to focus on building our infrastructures before making a rash decision on any type of biofuel. Biofuels are combustible fuel materials produced or derived from biomass. Web. Works Cited. “Fuel.” Word Book Online Reference Centre. This type of equipment is available very widely across farms. Another very important point is that switchgrass is a very productive plant. Web. It sounds like switchgrass as an alternative fuel has everything going for it. The Canadian government already has conserved approximately two million dollars for biofuels research. Switchgrass is also an extremely effective biofuel as the whole entire blade can be used in the ethanol production. Switchgrass itself is a lot more productive if a large quantity of it is yielded. “Biomass Energy.” The Canadian Encyclopedia. I’m Linda Marcus and I will be talking to you about advantages and disadvantages of using switchgrass as a biofuel. The first being the escape of Formaldehyde and Acetaldehyde into the atmosphere through exhaust tubes in cars. Switchgrass itself is a warm-seasoned perennial plant native to North America. Which literally means non-renewable. The whole ideology of using switchgrass as source for biofuels is become an actuality! 26 Oct. 2012. http://www.worldbookonline.com.ezproxy.torontopubliclibrary.ca/pl/referencecenter/article?id=ar212800&st=switchrass. This is essentially  why we are even looking at a solution to fix this problematic crisis. Switchgrass produced 540% more renewable than nonrenewable energy consumed. If the biofuel sector is successful, there is a strong chance that other countries will invest in Canada’s Energy. We definitely have the infrastructures available, but the cost and research aspects of implanting this program would be extremely expensive. This would help Canada be more of a world leader as Canada would be more active in maintaining green energy. “Commodities: Field Crops: Switchgrass.” Switchgrass Description. Nothing would go to waste when refining the blades into ethanol. Howdy! To me, that proves just how close we are to achieving our goal with the use of biofuels. In addition, the emissions of carbon dioxide are very minute. Consumers need to weigh the pros and cons of biofuels to determine whether they feel comfortable with this resource as an alternative to traditional fuels. \"Biofuel\" is a major buzzword in transportation circles these days, and for good reason. “For every unit of nonrenewable energy required to grow switchgrass, we got 6.4 units of energy back,” says Schmer. Examining the advantages and disadvantages of switchgrass as a biofuel, November 30, 2012 11:40 am / Leave a comment. Fossil fuels are also very harmful towards environment and are the source of major conflicts all over the world. I will be discussing a way that we can protect the resources we have and moreover; biodiversity. Introduction of Biofuels Biofuel feedstock Classification of Biofuels Manufacturing Process of Biofuels Advantages and Disadvantages of Biofuel References The reality of this energy source is that fossil fuels are the most important energy source in our world today. This factor makes sure that switchgrass can be grown in a very sustainable way. In Tennessee, the University of Tennessee is doing research and studies on the development of switchgrass. We use fossil fuels when we drive our cars. Due to industrialization and human development, there is a dangerous increase in pollutants in the atmosphere. Effects on Environment. One day, if the world would decide to completely devote itself to the use of biofuels, we would be faced with a job loss in the fossil fuel sector. DISADVANTAGES OF BIOFOOLISH: 1.Biofooliosh results in deforestation as it needs to clear the virgin land to make room for biofuels. Finally, the tertiary sector would benefit from distributing the fuel to consumers. They also said that if algae biofuel replaces all the petroleum fuel in the country, it would require 40,000 square kilomet… Switchgrass is harvested using conventional haying equipment. :). Hybrid Poplars Switchgrass Sorghum Switchgrass Hybrid Poplars Switchgrass Willows Hybrid Poplars Miscanthus Pine Sorghum Sweetgum Switchgrass Energy Cane Eucalyptus Pine Hybrid Poplars Miscanthus Sorghum Switchgrass. We would also need to focus on the various tax laws which are different from province to province. Whether it is climate change or  the melting of the polar ice…. As a government official, it is extremely important to focus on renewable energy sources. We even use fossil fuels when we buy groceries that have been delivered by various transportation methods. Growing switchgrass could serve both soil and water conservation goals and provide biomass for energy production." There’s a high cost of production, so if the demand increases, the supply will become a long term operation which will be pretty expensive. An annual cutting in fall or winter suffices for biomass production since its value is based on total tonnage, not nutritional quality. “Fill ‘er up with Switchgrass.” David Suzuki Foundation. As stated before, switchgrass is VERY low maintenance. However, we also need to be focusing on the industries in Canada. I bet the suspense is killing you… What is this magical thing I speak of? This plant is resistant to drought, flood, and poor soil. Web. The use of fertilizers to enhance production leads to the emission of Nitrous Oxide into the atmosphere. Effects on Economy. Among many other benefits, algae can be used to manufacture biofuels similar in composition to today’s transportation fuels. From this biomass we can make ethanol. So it cannot replace fossil fuel, but can reduce the usage of fossil fuel. As of now, the interest and capital investment being put into biofuel production is fairly low but it can match demand. Web. Whether it is climate change or  the melting of the polar ice caps, the news and media never cease to inform us of the various problems in the world. This means that it can only be grown during one season. Miscanthus has been much talked about in the past year as a strong contender as a feedstock for advanced ethanol. This type of biofuel may be referred to as the cellulose type or the second generation of this biofuel. Fossil fuels are formed from coal, petroleum or natural gas. Web.

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