miscanthus sinensis 'silberfeder

Rod: Miscanthus, ozdobnice. Miscanthus sinensis 'Silberfeder' - Silver Feather Maiden Grass. Silberfeder is a German cultivar of Maidenhair grass planted for its display of silver flowers in late summer. 8. eulalia 'Silberfeder', Synonyms Miscanthus sinensis 'Silberfeder' ( ozdobnice čínská) Ostatní názvy, skupina: čínský rákos, japonský rákos, Anglicky: Chinese Silver Grass. Miscanthus sinensis 'Silberfeder' - ozdobnice čínská (READERS DIGEST VÝBĚR) Hodnota většiny odrůd této trsnaté trávy tkví v jejich listech. Join now and start creating your dream garden! It is in flower from August to September. Miscanthus sinensis 'Silberfeder' (Eulalia 'Silberfeder') will reach a height of 2.5m and a spread of 1.5m after 2-5 years. vol 200, no. Miscanthus sinensis is a warm season grass and transplants best in the spring. Pečlivě balíme a garantujeme OK doručení či výměnu. times, Need more criteria? Large, feathery plumes that emerge a shimmering pinkish-silver in late summer give this grass its name, 'Silver Feather'. Poaceae, Genus vol 190, no. Cut foliage to the ground in late winter before new shoots appear. Buy Miscanthus sinensis Silberfeder (Silver Grass) online from Jacksons Nurseries. Compact and good-looking! Miscanthus sinensis 'Silberfeder' (ozdobnice čínská), Angl: Chinese Silver Grass, Něm: Chinaschilf 15. Annual Rainfall: 10 … Not sure which Miscanthus - Maiden Grasses to pick?Compare All Miscanthus - Maiden Grasses, Buy Miscanthus sinensis 'Silberfeder' (Chinese Silver Grass), Great Plant Combination Ideas with Miscanthus - Maiden Grasses. Deleting this collection CANNOT be undone. Better Homes & Gardens. In English the names translates as ‘Silver feather’. Miscanthus sinensis, commonly known as Chinese silver grass, Japanese silver grass or eulalia grass, is a clump-forming warm season grass that typically grows to 3-7 tall. To create additional collections, you must be a paid member of our site. Maiden Grass (Gracillimus) - This grows easily and is good for a larger space or as a screen as it can reach heights of up to six feet.Silberfeder - A hardy and tall cultivar suited to cooler climates.It'll still produce flowering plumes even in USDA zone 4. #White #Sagebrush 'Silver Queen' #Artemisia #ludoviciana) 2. RHS Garden Hyde Hall Spring and Orchid Show, Free entry to RHS members at selected 'Silberfeder' is a reliably flowering deciduous grass to 2.4m tall, with narrow, arching foliage and feathery silver flowerheads in late summer, All ratings refer to the UK growing conditions unless otherwise stated. Miscanthus sinensis 'Silberfeder' was Hans Simon choice in the mid 20th century. Fan-shaped white flower at 8' Height: 6-8 ft Width: 4-6 ft Soil Conditions: Moist/Well Drained Flower Color: Silver Bloom Time: August,September Hardiness Zone: 5 TO 9. Vigorous, hardy,... Agastache 'Blue Fortune' is a top pick for... Award-winner Helenium 'Moerheim Beauty' is highly... A very popular choice! Miscanthus sinensis, the maiden silvergrass, is a species of flowering plant in the grass family Poaceae, native to eastern Asia throughout most of China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Miscanthus sinensis - Maiden Grass, Eulalia or Chinese Silver Grass (Poaceae)-----Miscanthus sinensis is known as an upright to arching, ornamental grass. Tall Verbena (Verbena bonariensis) 6. vol 86, no. Eulalia, Maiden Grass 'Adagio' (Miscanthus sinensis) 7. While its texture and movement in the wind is interesting throughout the summer, the seed heads of autumn are undoubtedly it most outstanding ornamental feature. Mon – Fri | 9am – 5pm, Join the RHS today and support our charity. 020 3176 5800 #Curry #Plant (Helichrysum italicum) 4. 10. Selected by Hans Simon at the Munich Botanic Garden in the 1950s, it is still popular. Architectural, Beds and borders, City, Containers, Cottage/Informal, Flower Arranging, Low Maintenance, Mediterranean, Prairie planting Give it plenty of room as its rounded, arching mound of foliage takes up space! Miscanthus sinensis 'Silberfeder' - Silver Feather Grass . Black-Flowered Fountaingrass (Pennisetum viridescens) 5. They are: This plant will provide nectar and pollen for bees and the many other types of pollinating insects. No need to register, buy now! We have combined these two powerful search tools into a single Find a Plant service searching over 250,000 plant records. It is included in an evolving list of plants carefully researched and chosen by RHS experts. Becoming a contributing member of Gardenia is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. Reliable and robust, award-winner Chinese Silver Grass 'SilberFeder' (Miscanthus sinensis) or 'Silver Feather' in English, is an impressive ornamental grass with tall, airy plumes which emerge sparkling pinkish-silver in late summer and turn shining silvery-white in the fall. Silberfeder Maiden Grass is an herbaceous perennial grass with an upright spreading habit of growth. Find the perfect miscanthus sinensis silberfeder stock photo. Tall and majestic, award-winner Chinese Silver... A favorite of many gardeners - and deservedly so... Hard to miss in the garden! Flower borders and beds Miscanthus sinensis 'Silberfeder' provides broad leaves and its tall, airy plumes emerge a beautiful shining silver green. The flowers are purplish, held above the foliage. Výška v dospělosti: 2.00 m. Vytváří výrazný hustý vysoký sloupovitý trs širších zebrovaných listů. Item # Crop Image Size Current Inventory; 20434.2G #2 Miscanthus sinensis 'Silver feather' is a tall statuesque clump forming grass with arching leaves and crimped silver plumes in late summer, the plumes become white and fluffy with age. Maiden Grass has many cultivars that differ in their foliage, inflorescence color, texture, bloom period, and mature height. Miscanthus sinensis 'Silberfeder' staat graag op een zonnige plaats in de border. Propagate by seed sown in pots in a cold frame in spring or by division in spring. Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers. Standing out beautifully in the garden and providing a wonderful winter interest, you may want to treat this attractive Chinese Silver Grass as a specimen plant. (2004) p 25 Parts Shown: Habit Photo. Čeleď: Poaceae, lipnicovité. Cette plante tolère une sécheresse ponctuelle si le sol est profond. 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Our Botanical team are working hard to increase the number of plants with detailed information. Ideal for growing as a specimen on a lawn, at the back of the border or as a screen. Only plants will be removed from the collection.

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