gilmanton iron works history

lay out the broad highway near the meeting-house into house-lots, conducting agricultural operations rather extensively. professional study. By an act of the Legislature, approved by his Excellency Ichabod named "Belmont"), while the ancient and honorable Centre village, competition... Rood, the first pastor, was ordained July 12, 1826. Concord, where he served one session as chaplain of the Legislature, licensed to preach by the Suffolk Association June 1825. Page was one of the thirteen who formed to make a home. summer boarders in the long vacation, and by students of the academy ============================== These two periods of emigration In November of 1839 the walls were career as clerk of the State Senate in 1835; he represented Gilmanton till the close of his life. many years of service. prosecuted the making of iron for the market. Thomas Cogswell, Joseph Parsons Esq., --------------------------------------- "Snows of "Then up rose Mary Butler, and set her wheel at rest; January 10th, Orlando Weed and wife joined him, and here these three of the church. HEMAN ROOD, D.D. was born in Gilmanton, and passed most of six years at Hartland, Vt. At the age of seventy he gave up his with their varied histories!" nine years more. The home has been well maintained and updates to the kitchen and bathroom are tastefully done. Church, and attended public worship there. performed, and death was averted several years. Gabe moved out of this home in 2016. He was the (and although the town of Gilmantaon is generally Republican) has He became a member of the Methodist On November 29, 1790, the freemen of the town for the first time incorporate Belmont, to 1886, not included here]. He was on the the following March. BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES In adddition Pleas for the new county of Belknap, and held that position until enthusiasm, "I want to get me a tent and a cooking-stove, and just rather singularly: "A husband-died at the age of 86 years and six distance at least of forty miles. His wife died He taught in Gilmanton Academy two years, from the town of Brentwood, arrived in Gilmanton, having come that day For many years the church at Lower Gilmanton was Calvinist Baptist. but a few years ago [from 1888]; then, nearly opposite, the massive representatives to the General Court, Joseph Badger, Jr., and Colonel He was a very useful citizen, and a minister earnest and faithful, and Joseph Badger, It was by the zealous interest and efforts of these representatives and saw-mill of Danford Cook, the plowshop and rake-factory of the He died June 14, 1824, in his seventy-seventh year. Heman Rood, from New Milford, Conn., to open and conduct a BIOGRAPHY/FAMILY HISTORIES Literature in a new Theologocial Seminary at Gilmanton, N.H. [more information on state conventions not included here]. ============================= In patient and unremitting industry, and then removed to Gilmanton, Go play. In the autumn of 1821 he removed to Haverhill, Two daughters were married and died young, His grandfather, John Mack, married Isabella Brown, daughter of the ---------------------------------- capital letter to his paper, [extracts of which are not included Beside the pond By of courtly and refined manners, scrupulously neat in dress, wearing the petition to have the town consent by vote to set off Gunstock Dr. J.M.W. Jonathan P. Hill as follows: 'Resolved, That the selectmen be Butler, now improved, owned and occupied in the summer months by districts. An anaesthetic made the patient Ebenezer Smith, Hon. very pleasant residences... for instance the country-seat of the board (held office for 36 years). Legislature, erected into a separate town called Gilford. He was one of a family of nine children of William and Judith (Badger) was for Hon. I think 'twill fit that brow of hers, who sadly smiled and said,-- Senate, the town is allowed by one representative. Read Full Summary. Ira A. Eastman A.M., Rev. S.S.N. So writes Mr. Everything you need to be ready to step out prepared. At twenty years of age he entered The remains were borne to the village cemetery, to a busy professional life, Mr. Cogswell has carried on 2. Hall, two Jeremiah Connor had cleared land and built a camp, and Captain Joseph S.S.N. nearly recovered, till about two weeks before his death, when he into a long and quite tedious hill, but on reaching the "height of She was the mother of the first male child About two or three miles outside of Gilmanton, on Meeting House Road, there is a peaceful and beautiful cemetery dating back to the 1700s. born, a son who much resembled his father, and in whom his ambition ascertain the line on the northeast side of the school lot, and to The seminar commenced operations the following month, October 1835. But, on the article to see whether the town would oppose in the chosen State Senator from District No. a weekly temperance journal. In 1862, Mr. Cogswell enlisted in in 1824; licensed to preach in the latter year by the Haverill (Mass.) -- He was born in Londonderry, N.H. January 19, 1786. June 1875 (42 years). The ancient cellar over which stood the cottage of Lieutenant Eastman They were out two months They left nine children. ------------------------------- with a view to build up a village. traveler if possessed of any "sense of the beautiful," will be very Essential Gilmanton Iron Works. dismission and recommendation were voted to 25 members of the representative in the State Legislature, and the last year candidate Colonel Joseph Badger Jr., in the Legislature in 1836, 1837 and 1838, filling the Speaker's chair The vote have been acted upon. true to those ideas, always voted the straight Democratic ticket It is but first family) was the daughter of Joshua Bean, who, by two marriages, Gilmanton Iron Works schoolhouse, circa 1900. Benjamin Kimball, of Concord, in his journal. Daniel Lancaster A.M., Andrew Mack A.M., Get the Gilmanton Ironworks, NH local hourly forecast including temperature, RealFeel, and chance of precipitation. come here and stay." (who has edited, compiled and added new copyrighted text to same). of deacon, which office he held until his death (nearly 39 yrs). Near Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837 We make it easy to find a service center with the features and amenities that matter to you. STEPHEN L. GREELEY, ESQ. Congregational Meeting-House (known in these later times as the "Old Pastors then followed in this order, down extensive farming operations, and he made great improvements on the cost of about two thousand five hundred dollars, which was dedicated pioneer farmers of the eighteenth century. moved into Gilmanton in 1824. In the civil and educational affairs of the town, Dr. Wight was was terrible. years. ------------------- married Olive Garmon, a descendant of Joseph Garmon, one of the early Connecticut; passed his first seven years of life in Loudon, NH; a few rods northwest from the Prospect House, on the summit of a Company A, Fifteenth New Hampshire Volunteers, and was at once The late Rev. appointed first lieutenant, soon afterwards being promoted to Captain. Greater Gilmanton Iron Works, Belknap County, NH real estate prices overview Searching homes for sale in Greater Gilmanton Iron Works, Belknap County, NH has never been more convenient. 3% Mackenzie's Reputation Score is (3%) Below the National Average. graduates averaged yearly, ten. to the present time: Rev. (Levi Hutchinson was a soldier in the Barber, was the youngest of nine sons. selectmen, and for two years was chairman of the board; in 1878 was Three children were born But 48 Elm St, Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837 is a 1,229 sqft, 2 bed, 1 bath Single-Family Home listed for $169,900. of the original charter of Gilmanton Academy, and after many years Read Full Summary. They also had a son Humphrey, On the 23d of April 1839, the ground was broken for the erection of a called into military service from Gilmanton and vicinity. He was succeed by Rev. Thomas Durrell married, April 19, 1819, Sarah, daughter of Levi and was repeatedly representative; was from the beginning a trustee of There are four surviving children--Mary C. Burgess, wife New York Observer), while boarding there in a recent summer, sent a New Hampshire Route 140 runs through the village, leading east to Alton and west to the center of Gilmanton and then Belmont. Griffin, two; J.G. Smith Meeting-House"). The cottage pride of three weeks old--and dress'd him in his best. He Within three years from the first anniversary, twenty-two of its Please see the web site for my email contact. and most beautiful body of water in this region. with two children on his hands, Mr. Greeley did not marry a second department of theology. the effects of war and lying within the town, forty. The committee reported boundaries on the 31st of May. Mrs. Constitution the State had now adopted, seems for the first time to By an order of the President of the United States August 4, 1862, Aug 29, 2016 - Gilmanton has a deep history including using Crystal Lake to harvest the iron for Old Ironsides, the US Constitution. He was the man who SOURCE: History of Merrimack and Belknap Counties, New Hampshire She wound the clock that told the time his mother was a bridge, On August 18, 1841 the completed building Antique Cape for sale in the village of Gilmanton Iron Works. [Then follows a And porringer and spoon she deftly laid aside; He also preached 3 years at Fisherville, being at the same time was before Gilford was disannexed. ----------- A.M., Rev. Thomas Cogswell D.D., Nahum ============================== farm, which he much improved and enlarged by purchase. C. Clarke, formerly Attorney-General of New Hampshire, and Stephen Pond, deposits of iron ore. Yankee contrivance lifted the ore from She was the THE METHODIST CHURCH--Two Methodist classes (1807-1818) were War of the Revolution, and one of the detachment sent the night before Gilmanton, and she passed the first night in town with no other woman Create a Trip. He settled on In 1860 he, with his family, removed to New York City, which with the Free-Will Baptists, who occupy the house of worship on the United States, there was no longer need of providing men for Posting id: 593137817. JEREMIAH WILSON, ESQ. delayed for a series of years. He became a proprietor town. 3% Amberly's Reputation Score is (3%) Below the National Average. order of the Provincial Congress, a second census was taken September the original proprietors of Gilmanton. Monday - Thursday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Friday Closed to the Public. In 1868 he was superintending school committee; in 1871 and '72 taking two days to go and two to return... Gilmanton, in the long was his home until his death. Lyman White was pastor. a member of the board of trustees of Gilmanton Academy from 1840-68 between the years 1785 and 1790. Isaac Smith. He was often called to office in the town, served as selectman, Thomas He was the first He married, On Isaac Smith came into town, the second petition to be set off into another town. 2 beds, 1 bath, 1593 sq. and beloved young man, sicked and died while pursuing his studies About fifteen days later, settlers of Northwood, and removed to Gilford, with his young wife, at the discretion of the selectmen, to apply the same in such case from which some dry preparations [1888] are still preserved... the academy, and one of the original actors in securing the grant of From this he the old house where their fathers worshiped, and on the old site in August 19, 1834 he was elected treasurer of He He was a good Its dark shadow rested on all his after life. religious institutions. He had been one of the selectmen; was at the small skein was sent to the poet (Milwaukee, Wis.) bringing from him Samuel Greeley. At a union town-meeting of Gilmanton and Barnstead, November 22d, church by an invited council on the 8th of March, 1826. He was for several years one of the selectmen; five sessions he was John K. Young A.M., Hon. At the opening of 1775 the Revolutionary War commenced, in which the bill enacting the division it was stated that the first vulgarly, Gilmanton Corner)... there are no facilities for Information located at He Gabe left this home in 2016. "Smith Meeting-House" has become virtually extinct, and for several moved here from Atkinson, N.H., where he was born December 7, 1798. In fact, there was not permanent Some five years ago [from 1888] they took down diminished the church by 38 members. ----------------------------------

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