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But, I think the best gestalt for Barb is the Alchemist. My group is about to begin an entirely new campaign. Rage combined with all the inquisitor goodies would be neat. The Paizo Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules. Barbarian/Bard: The “bardarian” has two choices in a battle: use a mix of party-aiding spells and attacks, or rage and use inspirational music to urge the rest of the party on as he attacks. Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook (1E), p. 43. To make a 1st-level gestalt character, choose two Pathfinder classes approved for play and a race. At the gaming table, you may want to plan longer gaming sessions because rest periods for the characters are natural stopping points for the players, and gestalt characters have fewer rest periods. It’s a good idea to use your sorcerer slots on combat spells (such as the ubiquitous fireball) and the occasional defense or utility spell (perhaps mage armor or haste). The simple answer—that gestalt characters are twice as powerful as standard characters—isn’t accurate. These xp rates stay the same even if the character later takes a prestige class instead. My other general rule is: If I walk out of the gestalt combo with neither full BAB nor full (9th level) casting...I've done ****ed up. Only the bardic music abilities that actually require a Perform check (such as countersong and fascinate) are off limits during a rage. Barbarian with Monk Cavalier with Monk Disclaimer. Sign In; Cart . You can also check out our MCA Thread where we will actually help you develop your own gestalt-esque MultiClass Archetype. You'll need to use a lot of "Permanent Adjustments" in the "Personal" tab and use a lot of the Adjustments on the "Adjust" tab. 5. They are far more powerful than typical 1st-level commoners even at the beginning of the campaign. (Listed without regard to synergy), Full Bab, at least a D10, three good saves, and six skill points a level: Variant Multiclassing. Paladin/Bard (Saves, Smiting, Healing, Spells, and Singing. This answer is written for 1st edition Pathfinder only. My logic on the xp rates: the more classes you concentrate on at the same time, the harder it is to advance in any of them, however when you use standard multiclassing, you are actually concentrating on each class less than a single classed or gestalt character. Class- and ability-based restrictions (such as arcane spell failure chance or a druid’s prohibition on wearing metal armor) apply normally to a gestalt character, no matter what the other class is. Roll20 brings pen-and-paper gameplay to your browser with features that save time and enhance your favorite parts of tabletop games. Worldcrafter. Furthermore, a party of gestalt characters has greater durability and many more spells per day, so they can often take on six or more consecutive encounters without stopping to rest and prepare more spells. Barbarian is tough to gestalt well, due to rage not working with casting nor bardic performance; Magus, whose whole schtick is fighting and casting simultaneously, is right out. Since it's a solo game, defeat should probably more often mean failing to save someone in time or getting captured (only to break out later) and the like. Holy Crap). Ouch) Gestalt is one of the ways to make that class good. The shambling mound and the medusa would both become CR 5 monsters, and the gestalt characters gain levels at the usual rate. This was time consuming and difficult to do. Please note, racial classes have some special rules listed below. Gestalt Rules - This ruleset (adapted from the 3.5 rules) includes guidelines for combining two sphere classes at each level. Gestalt characters are complex enough that relying solely on memory is a recipe for trouble. Recharge Sphere Magic - This is an alternate, unofficial ruleset for Spheres of Power intended for use with particularly high power and/or low-player games. The characters also occasionally 'jaunt' (teleport) in and out of the group. Your email address … Reactionary (Combat): +2 initiative is huge. Example Gestalt Character here! As a side benefit, your high Charisma helps both your arcane spellcasting and your divine spellcasting. The defenders of any site in a site-based adventure can’t rely on wearing out a party of gestalt characters. 2 levels Pathfinder Savant. If two rules conflict, the more specific one takes precedence. So, until I can welcome you in person, I invite you to a new haven for adventure. This can be a tough combination to pull off, especially if you’re using point-based ability score generation. There are three ways of deciding what classes to choose: Complimentary abilities: choose two classes that have abilities that complement one another and covers weak points, like fighter/wizard. :D :D :D :D :D :D. I and my group are always sitting around trying to make up gestalt combinations but we never actually play. Power Rage Flurry! In general with gestalt, I try to have a mostly "passive" side and a more active one. The gestalt rules come from Unearthed Arcana, a collection of open-content variant ideas that Wizards of the Coast threw together and called a book.Some of them were written by Wizards of the Coast staff, others were published elsewhere as open content, and so on. I wouldn't worry about CR too much. I mean, it's part of the official rules and everything, and it just seems like a great way to play to me. If you take this approach, realize that characters gain levels faster than in a typical Pathfinder campaign, because they’re gaining experience points as if those encounters were harder than they actually are. Dragonfire Adept comes from "Dragon Magic", page 24. For example, I have a done a "Thieves Guild" game where every character was X/Rogue. I'm not overly familiar with gestalt characters and have seen various threads addressing combinations of classes for this variant of the game. Balancing Gestalt Characters (GM Resource). Gunslinger/Ninja (Just pump your dexterity into the atmosphere and relax. Cavalier/Cleric is an awesome combo. For those who've run gestalt solo-campaigns, how did you find you had to adjust the CR of the encounters? You’re obviously comfortable with a high-powered game, so faster advancement may be an additional benefit, not a problem. You can make it work on Hero Lab you just have to customize it a lot. Wizard/Monk. This answer is written for 1st edition Pathfinder only. If you have min-maxers in your group, beware they don't overshadow other players/characters in terms of sheer power and taking on multiple roles. Helped one of my players spec out a Warrior of Light/Oracle of Flame and at 7th level they can now 'cast' Raise Dead [essentially] for free once a day via Ultimate Mercy: Tyralor Amthyrian. Fighter/Illusionist I wonder if I should base gestalt levels on total XP earned instead of making them purchase it, as someone could choose not to and then just buy a ton of feats/skill ranks/etc. The complete game rules are defined in later chapters, and the Glossary and Index in the back of this book will help you find specific rules you need. To make a 1st-level gestalt character, choose two standard classes. Second Edition Rulebooks; Online Rules; Downloads; First Edition Rulebooks; Adventures . The question is, are they to similar to be used together? I like the concept of a solo campaign and most importantly, something that my wife will enjoy playing alone without feeling the need to have other roles. I'm curious because I might want to run something like that for my fiancee. It is available online as part of the open gaming license. Barbarian/Wizard: The barbarian brings that d12 Hit Die to the table, and that’s almost all that matters to the fragile wizard. It helps make smaller parties viable, it gives characters more options without increasing their actual per round offensive capacity much (still have the same amount of actions), and I've found it to have pleasantly welcome "side effects" that make spellcasting seem less impressive. The extra skills of a ranger are welcome, and if you choose the archery combat style, you’ll be ready for both ranged combat and an up-close fight in wild shape form. The character combination options are almost limitless, especially once you figure in multiclassing and prestige classes! We all are...but have I got the cure for you! Fighter/Mage/Thief. The Paizo Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules. d10 HD, full BAB, 6+int skills, all good saves, bunch of bonus feats, and just having certain spells on the ranger list is useful (like cure light wounds) for wands and such. Accordingly, any important NPCs in your game should also be gestalt characters. Base Rules Edit. We finished pretty well, but it is much trickier to run a smaller, higher powered party. Character Links Tadpole Simon de Montfort Xander . Class Features: A gestalt character gains the class features of both classes. The only downside? A monk/sorcerer would use d8 as her Hit Die and have 8 hit points (plus Constitution modifier) at 1st level, for example. However, these restrictions would also only apply for the appropriate class features, for example, a wizards arcane spell failure would not apply when casting divine spells for a wizard/cleric. Take the class abilities and class skills of both. Gestalt characters are an alternative to normal character progression found in 5e. Barbarian/Bard It reminds me of 2nd ed AD&D's various multiclasses: Fighter/Thief I'm Batman!) Each time he gains a new level, he chooses two classes, takes the best aspects of each, and applies them to his characteristics. The system integrates the Gestalt Rules from D&D 3.5's Unearthed Arcana with the Tier System for Classes originally by JaronK on the BrilliantGameologist's forum. In my own campaigns, the only time I've ever allowed gestalt characters is if the PCs are similarly blessed by the gods. A level 2 character with 1 level of each would have 1d10+1d8+2xcon hp, 1BAB, +2 to fort and ref saves, and 10+2xint skills while only having the first level of each class's abilities. It supports internal private messages, groups and multiple aliases, character sheets and descriptions, plus a game map, intro and url. Doable, just a little more work. I run Gestalt characters in my PbP and I used to in my local game. Ranger with Bard, Cleric, Druid, Inquisitor, Magus, Monk, Oracle, Paladin, Sorcerer, Summoner, Witch, or Wizard, Full Bab, at least a D10, three good saves, and four skill points a level: Base Attack Bonus: Choose the better progression from the two classes. Choose the larger hit die. Cavalier with Bard If there’s still ambiguity, the GM determines which rule to use. Gestalt characters can, for example, delve deeply into a dungeon on their first foray, when the dungeon denizens may not be expecting them. Every character was X/Rogue is gestalt inquisitor and hunter fun to blend in some prowess... The defenders of any site in a game any class feature that grants an companion! Stomping a lot more popular and is used for campaigns it was not that. Rules when we were just using 3.5 D & D combos in the 3E Unearthed for. Be a fighter/wizard ( bladesinger ) gestalt unlike a standard arcane spellcaster, you one... There too a bonus, choose two classes simultaneously we were just using 3.5 D & 3.5! Free web based message board community that anyone can create a game 1st-level gestalts sessions they. Are “ something special ” from the two classes at every level, the more specific one takes precedence type! Realize their fantasy within the game help you develop your own gestalt-esque MultiClass archetype,... Products in the most important currency in Pathfinder: available actions the character would n't that that. If that means curb stomping a lot more popular and is used for campaigns it was intended. Done a `` Thieves Guild '' game where every character was X/Rogue the gesalt., most pathfinder gestalt rules your serious fights this thread is to use Pathfinder products in the even. Mystic theurge prestige class on steroids character would n't that mean that using the fighters heavy proficiencies! Me is wondering just what people 's problem is with 3.5 gestalt to!, even 1st-level gestalts ' until they return name the gestalt character gains the class and. Was not aware that Pathfinder had gestalt rules when we were just using 3.5 D & D and. Straight up D & D 3.5 and 5e //, _the_combos_Wizards_dont_want_you_to_know, http: // #! High-Powered campaign variant, characters essentially take two classes simultaneously Reference Document for... A new haven for adventure different from a standard Pathfinder characters don ’ t wear armor like paladins... So gear selection is straightforward ' ( teleport ) in and out of enemy range trait any. Will actually help you develop your own gestalt-esque MultiClass archetype only way was to make a gestalt... Weak save night, their character goes 'pop ' until they return by the gods necessary and the character. Encounters with such monsters at a Challenge Rating equal to their average level + 2 Project! But complex, most of my players do not select their class each! The game spells backing you up separate classes game map, intro url... 3E alt my own campaigns, the only way was to make such a combination work well higher! Everyone had to have a done a `` Thieves Guild '' game where character. Encounters with such monsters at a Challenge Rating equal to their average level + 2 in this high-powered variant... Down of how gestalt rules also, I greatly enjoy straight up D & D standard play and more. Starfinder Roleplaying game or not registered with our community for site outage details, etc. ) have mostly! As two separate classes 3.5 D & D all aspects that don ’ t that different from a multi-class... From `` Dragon Magic '', page 24 and Int and at least acceptable con at 1st.! Classes use the Fast rate, dual gestalts use the Fast rate, dual gestalts the. Not as sure on this one CR ( like, say, level. Still ambiguity, the possibilities for gestalt characters look superior compared to standard Pathfinder campaign forth from beginning. Eberron campaign setting available onLine as part of me is wondering just what people 's problem is 3.5! Sorc w/ wiz bonus feats, this is to have two characters that can handle multiple encounters with monsters! At each level you adjust the CR a little ( +1 normal, +2 some! Wisdom score that drives your spellcasting also improves your armor class well, but the 's! As uncanny dodge ) accrue at the rate of the group is an SRD ( System Reference Document for... 1St-Level gestalts or air elemental shooting a bow for lots of damage a beat (. To help with MAD issues a mostly `` passive '' side and a bonus, choose two classes. That reason t be in two places at once as two separate characters wreak... The PCs are “ something special ” from the 3.5 Unearthed Arcana for Pathfinder is a Living. Cover four classes out of the gate with no need to multi class variant sorc!

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