Mitch Waite and the Computer Book Revolution from 1975 - 1995

Waite Group Press

Stock Markets and Kids

This compounding calculator was part of the Dr Yield Investing Lab I developed in 1998. An integral part of my contract agreement with MCP involved

Working for the Man

Unfortunately, the first Interactive Course title got caught in a corporate transition to a new publisher. This stopped the eZone website, which was key to

A New Beginning

The Signature Series was going to be like a fine wine. But the timing was all wrong for how the book market was moving. +


In 1995 our local newspaper featured a story about Waite Group Interactive Publishing. You can see I was putting on the pounds. + Approaching 50

Playing God

We got a lot of flak for putting God in the title. Before the Morphing Power Rangers came Morphing on Your PC + Was it

The Playhouse Era

Virtual Reality Playhouse- Explore Artificial Worlds + If 1992 put Waite Group Press on the publishing freeway, 1993 emerged as the year of rapid road

The Future is Assured

That’s me on the cover again just like in Master C. + 1992 marked the most creative year in the legacy of the Waite Group


Only the pros knew how amazing Fractals are, and with the app FRACTINT you could create them yourself. + What a wonderfully puzzling world it

Waite Group Press is Born

Talk about ego, the wizard on the cover of Master C was modeled after me. + Over the last ten years, I developed The Waite

The Million Dollar Deal with NAL

Again, Robert Lafore produces an incredible title on a difficult subject. + The personal computer boom reached its peak in 1983. I met a New