Mitch Waite and the Computer Book Revolution from 1975 - 1995

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The Early Years

The Lights are on; the Stage is Set

Five publishers rejected this idea before Sams said yes. It went into 15 printings. + The Eighties was a renaissance in computer technology; opportunities poured

CP/M Primer

Sams Editorial Director loved spiral binding + Sams hired a new Editorial Director. who went back to perfect binding to save money. Twisters do not

Computer Graphics Primer

1979 Computer Graphics Primer is based on a homemade weather station. + In 1976, I found myself at the heart of an epoch-defining gathering –

BASIC Programming Primer

The book had a cover you could not miss. Its success showed there might be a market for programing books. + I learned to code

Your Own Computer

1977 Only 68 pages long it sold a million copies. + While I had conceived and written Microcomputer Primer for techies, the average Joe was

Steve, Me, and the Apple 1

Just before I discover the Apple 1 Bruce and I were using lasers to create cool artwork. + The following actually happened, kind of. They

Microcomputer Primer

1976 – Microcomputer Prime was a home run. It made me think I could make a living as a writer. + The mid-1970s were a