Mitch Waite

Computer book author, publisher, web designer, and entrepreneur


What a wonderfully puzzling world it is when success barrels into your life. Our Master C book emerged as such a winner that a new issue confronted us–what must we produce as the logical follow-up title for 1991?

1974 – Projects in Sight, Sound and Sensation

Following my groundbreaking success with the 1972 biofeedback project, I was eager for a new challenge: to write a captivating book on cutting-edge technologies. As a determined writer, I was set on making my mark.

1976 – Microcomputer Primer

The mid-1970s were a time of unbridled potential. The microprocessor chip was just starting to take shape, and I felt an electric charge in the air. I was convinced that these tiny sparks of silicon genius were going to

1977 – Your Own Computer

While I had conceived and written Microcomputer Primer for techies, the average Joe was struggling with what–in 1977–seemed a bizarre question: “Why would I want a personal computer in my home?” We tried to

1978 – BASIC Programming Primer

In 1978, after coauthoring two books with Michael Pardee, I was ready to take the plunge to go solo as a writer. My skill set had grown; I’d learned to program the elegant 6502 microprocessor in the Apple One.

1979 – Computer Graphics Primer

In 1976, I found myself at the heart of an epoch-defining gathering – the Homebrew Computer Club at Stanford University. A motley crew of unkempt yet brilliant minds congregated within those hallowed halls

1980 – CP/M Primer

Twisters do not inevitably touch down on the Kansas plains, and Microsoft was not always king of the desktop. Set the time at 1980. A company called Digital Research owns the operating system for Intel

1981 – Pascal Primer

Around 1980, I noticed a pivotal shift in my working dynamic with Howard Sams, my primary publisher at the time. They had recently brought on board their very first marketing manager, Janice Harrington. She was a