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[repeated twice], (This lyric is what developed into the lyric, "French drip with the egg-noodle hair."). Lao Tzu, I don't mean to show you disrespect, (This lyric is what developed into the lyric, "(Ugh!) (Voltaire is known for his large nose and having an addiction to coffee. Epic Rap Battles of History is a YouTube series created by Peter "Nice Peter" Shukoff and Lloyd "EpicLLOYD" Ahlquist.The first episode of the series "John Lennon vs. Bill O'Reilly" was released on September 26, 2010. just a man in a costume and now i am sending you yto your fate. From men who speak of wisdom with no clue of what respect is! "Lack of mic control" in rap terms is to have bad raps. Epic Rap Battle Parodies is an ERB tribute series owned by Nathan Provost, WalkAwesomeMovies, SethIsMe, Freshy Kanal, and SuperThingsOnCups which was originally created on December 23rd, 2012 and rebooted on August 22nd, 2020.. (A pun on Sun Tzu's name, comparing himself to the Sun which is very hot. ), (Nietzsche introduces himself. "Pooh" or "poo" is another term for feces, and to "shit on" someone is to diss or demoralize them. ), (Nietzsche is popular for his quote, "God is dead", and how mankind killed Him as a race, so Confucius asks him a question on this in the next line.). And I'm a freethinker, so confronting conformists like you? Dishing out more disses than letters and pamphlets and plays I've been publishing! ), (On the surface level, Voltaire is French, and "drip" is a slang term for a boring, stupid, or unenergetic person. (This line is a paraphrase of the Golden Rule, stating that any negative thing that is done by one unto another will be received by a negative thing unto oneself. Dropping Western medicine on these East infections! The language used in early writings of the Eastern Philosophers were also distincted and more difficult to understand comparing the current language used among Chinese people.). Now watch the masters rebut. The Epic Rap Battles of History is a comedy series created by Nice Peter & epicLLOYD. The battle plays out between five famous public figures in Russian history: Grigori Rasputin, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Mikhail Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. (The Westerners boast about their philosophy continuing to be well-respected and thought about, rising in a professional and spiritual way.). Have fun, and as always, edit on! The Westerners could be saying that things like Eastern medicine and philosophy are based around tradition while their Western counterparts involve actual thought.). Their chaos' our opportunity! Bro, enough with the riddles; I don't mean no disrespect! Battle Gallery Rap meanings. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ooh, is this going to be like one of your schoolboy lessons? ("Übermensch", German for "beyond-human", is a concept created by Nietzsche. Hand you an ass-whipping our descendants will honor for generations! ERB - What does ERB stand for? He used to have an account on the ERB Wiki called Skaterboy163, which he later disabled. EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY! ), (Voltaire's previous verse consisted of him talking about himself and how supposedly witty he is, which made his lines sidetracked.). (Voltaire encourages to have Socrates "teach" Nietzsche "Greek wrestling," an innuendo meaning sexual intercourse based on the actual Ancient Greek sport. Confucius taught the propriety of social relationships, emphasizing that one must act accordingly to his or her position in society and life. Lucky for history, you didn't author The Art of Rapping! (Freethinking is a philosophical viewpoint which believes that truths should be formed on the basis of logic and reason rather than authority and conformity, a concept that was central to the Enlightenment period, during which Voltaire wrote. He bought the rights to what became MS-DOS on or about 1979 from Tim Patterson's Seattle Computer Products. Well, I hope they can speak their minds better than they can write it! Harry Styles VS Paul McCartney. In Taoism, it also mentions that you should go with the flow but this time…). Chinese people, like the Eastern Philosophers.). (This line says the Western team is superior in every way, including philosophical thinking, giving speeches, sexual prowess, and more advanced as humans in general. He refers to Nietzsche being Prussian as during Voltaire's time, Germany wasn't yet in existence, yet the nation that Germany would derive from, Prussia, was then one of the biggest nations in Europe.). By the time his tricks were discovered, he had amassed 1 million francs. Sun Tzu also calls the Western philosophers "white boys", perhaps implying they can't rap. This has a double meaning: 1) When Caligula tried to 'flow' with Neptune in the sea, he probably drowned because he can't swim. Yo! Early Origins of the Erb family. The 38th installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. He deleted the facebook account, meaning he can no longer use his account. (This lyric is what developed into the lyric, "You're pitiful lyrically, lucky for history, you didn't author The Art of Rapping!"). It was started back in September 10, 2012 when Cam and Jordan decided to make a rap battle. (These lyrics are what developed into the lyric, "When I squat down and squeeze out a Tao of Pooh on Lao Tzu!" As stated in the Analects by Confucius, the quote "In the application of the rites, harmony is to be prized" implies one should not argue over small things. Who hangs with B. Franks, giving ladies beef franks! Like, how did these boring geeks from the Far East get invited? When I squat down and drop a Tao of Pooh on who? (Since Socrates is billed as the one who started philosophy in the West, he is also to blame for the implied failures of Nietzsche and Voltaire. And I'll end any motherfucker like my name in a spelling bee! Eyeless Jack Edit. It has 26 battles. Their chaos is our opportunity!"). ), Yo, where in the tradition of rap battles is it written, (Confucius rhetorically asks about the structure of rap battles and how…). People. Spoilers have been left unmarked. He had the habit of making people aware of their own ignorance by asking them to explain the meaning of things they thought they knew, such as justice or piety. The MAPK/ERK pathway (also known as the Ras-Raf-MEK-ERK pathway) is a chain of proteins in the cell that communicates a signal from a receptor on the surface of the cell to the DNA in the nucleus of the cell.. This is the final battle of Season 2 of ERB. Confucius is known for having large eyebrows in sketches and portraits that droop down the side of his face.). Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons is a fan-made (popular) version of Epic Rap Battles of History. The series originally started on December 23rd, 2012 by its original creators JMB and Nathan Provost. He then would've literally sunk to the bottom of the sea, and 2) when he tried to flow in a rap battle against God, he sunk down in … (Confucius brags that he has more style than the others, and that he has enough style that if it were a physical or material thing, it's size couldn't be measured with a ruler or anything else of the sort, even a highly valuable and precise "golden ruler." (This lyric is what developed into the lyric, "I'll smack that warmongering head out of your to-go box hat!"). Video Game Rap Battles is a rap battle series founded by Cam Greely and (probably) Jordan. BEGIN! ), Oh, I'll give you something you can bow and kowtow to, ("Kautau (叩頭)" (sometimes Westernized as "kowtow") is the Chinese act of kneeling and bowing one's head so that it touches the ground in order to show deep respect and reverence; the Eastern philosophers do this at the end of their verse. The line is also delivered in the tone of the chorus of the famous TMNT cartoon opening of 1987-1997, "Heroes in a Half Shell". Welcome to the Devil's Den! You're pitiful lyrically. Their chaos is our opportunity!/We must remember: a bowl is most useful when it is empty."). As an experienced general and tactician, Sun Tzu managed to exploit his opponents' weakness and cause them to fight among themselves. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Epic rap battle of history. It has 32 battles so far. We filled a nation with patience and the presence for living, (The Eastern philosophers believe that they have made their nation, China, a better place with their teachings, which students in China continue to learn.). Also, that very same sister reappropriated his work for the Nazi cause.). (Sun Tzu, a war leader, commands his team of philosophers with a one-two attack; Lao Tzu beatboxing, referencing his actor, KRNFX, who is a beatboxer, and Confucius rapping faster. Explore ERBParodies Wiki. This is also a play on words, as a yeast infection is an illness in which the yeast Candida, normally symbiotic in the human body, goes into overgrowth and causes a range of symptoms, such as thrush and varying degrees of irritation in both genders. Lancer's True Name is Leonidas I, the King of Sparta, the country that became the etymology of Spartan discipline. (This lyric is what developed into the lyric, "Laozi, kick the beat; now Confucius, drop some bars! (This lyric is what developed into the lyric, "Who hangs with B. Franks, giving ladies beef franks!"). /r/ERB is a discussion platform for anything and everything ERB It is also a play on words that Lao is full of bull (bowl) shit.). Hence why Leonidas, the Fourth Doctor, and Randy Savage were flying by in the intro to Hitler Vs Vader 3. It's my job! ("Me no rikey" is a stereotypical phrase used to mock Chinese people learning English, as they often cannot pronounce the "L" sound properly. When I squat down and drop a Tao of Pooh on Lao Tzu! Far East is a term used by Westerners to describe people in Asian countries, i.e. But first I'll squat down and drop a Dao of Pooh on Lao Tzu! During this line in the video, Confucius can also be seen showing respect by nodding his head, since Confucius was Lao Tzu's student in real life.). But remember a bowl is useful when empty. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS WIKI WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS REGARDING UPCOMING EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY. (As stated above, Socrates made a habit of questioning the supposed knowledge people had. Tropes used to describe these combatants should be within the context of the raps. 199 votes, 20 comments. The first being Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson. The characters portrayed are often determined by suggestions from viewers in the comments sections of the channel's videos. History's lucky that you didn't write The Art of Rapping! Additionally, "knee" and "chi" together form a pun on Nietzsche's name. Tom Anderson vs Mark Zuckerberg. The surname Erb was first found in the Rhineland, where this family was a prominent contributor to the development of the district from ancient times.The earliest record is of "ich Erbo, Erben sun" or "Erbo, son of Erbo," who was a knight in Colmar in 1282. We must remember: a bowl is most useful when it is empty. 391. pages. 1 Donald Trump: 2 Joe Biden: 3 Donald Trump: 4 Joe Biden: 5 Donald Trump: 6 Joe Biden: 7 Russian hackers: 8 Joe Biden: 9 Russian hackers: 10 Joe Biden: 11 References It's the DJT, gettin' it on, (Donald Trump has often included his middle initial (J.) (Western minds of the past made many important discoveries in medicine. in his full name, and so the initials DJT are recognizable as referring to him. Contents . (Socrates, now angered by Nietzsche's line in which he calls him a plebe, doesn't believe he is a plebe, claiming his raps are toxic like hemlock, a poisonous drink that was given to him during his execution and killed him with a sip.). It's Eyeless Jack here, and I'm back for revenge (Eyeless Jack appeared before in Slender Man vs Jeff The Killer, he is back to get revenge.) (Confucius came up with the Golden Rule (恕道), which states, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Additionally, while the Analects was actually written by his students, Confucius authored four of the "Five Classics", known as the Classic of Poetry, the Book of Documents, the Book of Rites, and Spring and Autumn Annals. As "sausage" can be an euphemism for "penis", Voltaire is saying that he has sex with a lot of women.). In his early community years (2014 - 2015), he had a YouTube channel called "DarkLink4947", named after the ERBParodies guest star and former rap battle community member. But you just grew hate; me no Third Reichy! ), You egg noodle hair, what are you doing with your egg noodle hair? Oh no, I'm scared, we got this guy, Stevie, Getting ready to harm us with his elementary. (Skrillex introduces himself to Mozart. The characters portrayed are often determined by suggestions from viewers in the comments sections of the channel's videos. I'm coming off the Acropolis to start some pandemonium. (The Acropolis of Athens is where Socrates taught. And it all starts with you: you're the father, Socrates! That two dudes on the same team should squabble like some fucking chickens? Laozi, kick the beat; now Confucius, drop some bars! (Voltaire mocks Socrates, sarcastically asking if Socrates's claim of having Nietzsche "suck Soc's dick" is reminiscent of Socrates's teachings to younger men such as Plato and Xenophon, insinuating that instead of taking these boys away to teach them, he instead is engaging in intercourse with them, as was common practice in Ancient Greece.). (Medusa was the most well known of the three Gorgons, a snake-haired Greek mythological monster who turned whoever stares into her gaze to stone. Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden Lyrics: EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY! Joe Edit. Nietzsche, you're the one who killed God, so I gotta ask: (This lyric is what developed into the lyric, "And you killed God, so I gotta ask:"). Erb: Meaning of Erb . ERBParodies Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Confucius says that if anyone challenges him, he will retaliate.). Your Life! It features baby dragon, Spike, rapping against cocky dragon, Spyro. Abraham Erb (1772–1830), American-born Canadian settler; Albrecht Erb (1628–1714), Austrian clockmaker; Charles F. Erb (1902–1952), American football player and coach; Christopher Erb (born 1972), American marketer; David Erb (born 1923), retired jockey; Dilman Kinsey Erb (1857–1936), Canadian politician (The Western team states that it is obvious the Eastern team isn't on the same level of intelligence as them.). (Holding a candle to something/one is to say that nothing can ever be as good as it. These white boys getting burned 'cause guess what? Epic Rap Battles of History (ERB) is a YouTube web series and music project created by Peter "Nice Peter" Shukoff and Lloyd "EpicLLOYD" Ahlquist.The series pits historical and pop culture figures against one another in a rap battle format. Epic Rap Battle Parodies 1; Mozart vs Skrillex. We've got the wisdom and the wit that even I couldn't question! I'll smack that warmongering head out of your to-go box hat! He also references the book that he wrote titled, Tao Te Ching or The Way of Life. (Lao Tzu references one of his famous quotes: "Mold clay to form a bowl; it is the empty space which makes the bowl useful", suggesting that the convenient opportunity they have been given to strike against their quarreling opponents is very helpful. Everything name meaning, origin, pronunciation, numerology, ... Epic Rap Battles of History, a popular youtube channel that pits well known characters of real life and fiction in rap battles composed and performed by NicePeter and EpicLloyd. D&D Beyond The saying "kick some shell" is also an older synonym to "kick some ass", meaning the artists sneakily call the turtles half-assed, which mean they are bad characters. In contrast, one of the primary doctrines of Taoism is the concept of wu-wei, which, in essential, teaches letting go of control and letting life take you on a natural course to achieve harmony. Double Meaning: As Zach Sherwin explains in the behind the scenes video, when Teresa calls herself an "MC", it is both a reference to her organization, the Missionaries of Charity, and a reference to the fact that "MC" is a term for a rapper. (Socrates is referencing the practice of placing a sock or a rubber band on a door knob (typically in a college dorm setting) in order to inform others that the person inside the room is having sex, and thus to not enter. They call me Übermensch 'cause I'm so driven! ), (Voltaire follows by introducing himself as well. The series consists of famous historical or pop culture figures, both fictional and real, against each other in a rap battle. Nobody wants to touch your handy-dandy-notebook, It means the fate of these ancients is about to be seen! This is the second battle where Justin Buckner does not rap, however he still makes an appearance as Huckleberry Finn's father. He is challenging the Westerners to start a war against him knowing he'll win even if they used firearms.). (These lyrics were a freestyle by Nice Peter for Zach Sherwin to place his own lyrics in later, consisting mainly of Voltaire proclaiming his nationality and eccentricity.). ("Sacré bleu" is an antiquated, stereotypical French profanity which equates to "God damn it" in English. (This lyric is what developed into the lyric, "They call me Übermensch 'cause I'm so driven!"). I'll not be taught camaraderie from a frog who rigged the lottery! (This lyric is what developed into the lyric, "(Ugh!) Chan is known for his impressive and often comedic fighting style. Captain Crunch vs Blackbeard. The mad gadfly, philosophy was my invention! You're pitiful lyrically. (Honoring one's ancestors is one of the bases of Confucius' teachings. Filmed on a Canon C500 camera, and Canon Compact Cinema Zoom Lens. / VERSUS! Nietzsche was primarily known of all things to be an incredible thinker while Socrates gave many speeches to his students and Voltaire was known for being rather suave and had frequent sex with many women. Finally, Confucius mocks Voltaire's looks, saying that his hair is stringy like egg noodles. Also, one of Nietzsche's teachings was having control of your own life.). Socrates introduces himself in the battle first, because he is the (self-proclaimed) best of the Western Philosophers.). (Lao Tzu's philosophy was to have discipline in life, to follow the flow of life, and have everything balanced. EPIC RAP BATTLES OF RANDOMNESS! ), This type of arrogance is sure to be expected, (The Eastern philosophers were expecting the Western philosophers to boast as they just did. Random Rap Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Music Community. We are the Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki. Crazy Horse was a Native American war leader alluded to as another joke about Chinese people's struggle with the English language, which includes the unintentional skipping of words of lesser importance to a sentence. Tried to plant seeds of a new German psyche, (This lyric is what developed into the lyric, "Tried to plant a new German psyche."). Continuing from the previous line, Nietzsche is saying he will take a shit on, or insult and demoralize, Lao Tzu.). "Frank" is also a nickname for "François", Voltaire's real first name. Beef franks, short for "beef frankfurters", are soft sausages or hot dogs. (To spit sick is to rap very well. Who hangs out with B. Franks, giving the chicks beef franks! He says that the Westerners are sloppy from not following this lifestyle.). Socrates says that his language and thought will go further than and be better than Sun Tzu's.). EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! TV Tropes! The West will use their advantage in medicinal knowledge to remove the Eastern philosophers, who they claim are a disease. Their chaos is our opportunity! The grégue, or "French drip" is a traditional style of coffee pot originating in colonial France. It was released March 1st, 2014. (To boil down something means to bring something to its most basic state. 21st: The Merchant vs The Happy Mask Salesman uploaded to YouTube. This is based on a comment on the ERB wiki. And now it is the Eastern Philosophers to counter their opponents. ERBofSmoshery is a user on the ERB Wiki and the creator of the Rap Battles found on this Wiki. (This lyric is what developed into the lyric, "Now that we've covered the two Yin and Yang twins, I can move on to Jackie Chan! (Lao Tzu is telling Sun Tzu not to attack his philosophy. Further, Voltaire is French and "Frank" was a nickname for a Frenchmen among the English. Epic Rap Battle Parodies 5. Here, he claims that his and his teammates' descendants will be proud of the fact that their ancestors won this rap battle.). RAP MEANINGS Michael Myers – Verse 1 “Go on back to the ice rink, you’re a goalie out of luck.” (This is in reference to the fact that Jason wears a hockey mask, and that his franchise is called Friday the 13th, which is considered a day of bad luck, and also happens to be Jason’s birthday.) Tom Anderson vs Mark Zuckerberg. Asians spitting sick, but no, this isn't SARS! Epic Rap Battle Parodies 1, Mozart vs Skrillex. ), (Nietzsche spells out his name as a set-up for his next line.). Did he die of shame when he made your mustache? (Ugh!) I'll smack your warmongering ass out of your to-go box hat! It is active as of March 14, 2014 and was released on Feburary 22, 2013. Do you think he died of embarrassment after he made your fucking mustache? In this version, Voltaire asks who he would insult, to which Nietzsche responds it would be Lao Tzu.). Laozi, I don't mean no disrespect, (Sun Tzu doesn't mean to insult Lao Tzu, as the Eastern Philosophers had previously cited the importance of respect. Bitch, I wrote The Art of War, so you better get your guns out! A pandemonium is a wild uproar or unrestrained disorder and a word originating from Ancient Greek. Confucius refers to the term as tradition, as the one of him teaching is about following the tradition and ritual, or li (禮). It's latest release was on June 26th, 2013. The series features famous historical and pop culture figures, both fictional and non-fictional, rapping against one another. Oh, do teach the Prussian what the Greeks consider wrestling! ... ERB: Epic Rap Battles (video series) ERB: Edgar Rice Burroughs: ERB: Educational Records Bureau: ERB: Event Report Bcsm: ERB: Free speech doesn't mean just keep yapping! (Nietzsche would be a very hard word to spell in a spelling bee, due to the fact that it is pronounced as /NEET-shuh/, very different to how it is actually spelled. ), (This lyric is what developed into the lyric, "'Cause I'm N-I-E-T-Z-S-C-H-E!" "), (Uh!) Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack/Rap Meanings < Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack. Puff Puff VS Steve Smith. He calls Nietzsche "G", which means "gangster" in rap culture. Guidelines. But we've seen more flavor in a Panda Express! Roles ERBP Mini: Among Us Crewmate (red) (Among Us vs Danganronpa) ; Trivia . What does Erb mean? Now that we've covered the two Yin and Yang twins, I can move on to Jackie Chan! Let me be frank: don't start beef with the Frank, (The adjective "frank" means direct and honest, thus Voltaire is saying that he'll sum up quickly and sincerely why Socrates and Nietzsche should not challenge him. It's evident you've never been our type of mental brethren! Originally posted on Nice Peter's channel, they now have an exclusive channel for the battles. Confucius also once said, "The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions." Sun Tzu, in this line, is compared with action star, Jackie Chan. Epic Rap Battles of History, pitting historical figures, celebrities, and fictional characters against each other. Here, however, he claims that not even he will question the fact that his team has wisdom and wit.). Socrates is saying that he should go back to drinking coffee, as he has no place in telling him what to do. Fawkes is telling The Joker to be on guard because he's about to rap.) Vic Porter as Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario A lyrical pun is made with Confucius' name.). (A warmonger is a person who advocates war, as Sun Tzu's teaching indirectly lead to a lot of war in later times. (This lyric is what developed into the lyric, "You make a mockery of ethics, so keep your fat nose in your coffee!"). This could also be a reference to how translating the Tao Te Ching has been known to be a challenge because of the semantic style of Classical Chinese, being so contorted and corrupt that it can be considered "fucked up". Epic Rap Battle Parodies 2. EpicRapBattles10's Rap Battles is a series started by Charles and Dan. You lack control of yourselves and of the mic, (As previously stated, the Western team cannot control themselves nor have balance according to the Eastern philosophers, and the same goes for when they are rapping. Secondly, a symposium was a drinking party held in Ancient Greece and was also the title of a work by Plato, Socrates' most famous student. If you fucked with Confucius, you get fucked with unto ya! It literally means "I don't like this". A nihilist is someone who follows nihilism, which is the belief that all religious and moral values are baseless and that nothing can be known or communicated. While even your descendants seem a bit disoriented! You need to take control of the life you're given! Contents . (This line continues the scenario of Nietzsche planting and growing his ideas, with his followers "stemming" from him, in reference to the grumpy, negative attitude of Nietzsche and his followers.). (Plebe, or plebian, is a Greek term which refers to a poor citizen. Cast Edit Zach Schroeder as Spike. Slenderman vs Enderman is the 10th installment of Epic Rap Battle Parodies.It features famous Minecraft mob, Enderman, battling the famous Creepypasta it's based off of, Slender Man, to see who is the better tall, powerful being.It was uploaded March 18th, 2013. ", (Sun Tzu was a Chinese military general considered to be very influential. I wouldn't exactly call myself a student of this plebe. This chaos is our opportunity! But you need to fill your bowl with some shit that makes some sense! Showing respect for others is an important part of Eastern culture. Xtreme Rap Battles 4; Mr Trololo vs Rick Roll. ), We got the logical means to philosophically dominate your rhetoric, (The Westerners brag about their well-organized thought patterns and their mastery of logos, a rhetorical appeal based around logical thought with etymology stemming from term for "words" and "reasoning".). I'll show you I rap faster Vault Boy vs Cole Phelps. Eventually, WoodenHornets became the main editor and co-owner. (Confucius understands that Sun Tzu is looking for a fight and he's willing to give him one.). Steve vs Joe/Rap Meanings < Steve vs Joe. He joined on April 23, 2014. You make a mockery of ethics, so keep your fat nose in your coffee! The East claim that the West's influence isn't even close to the philosophy that the Eastern team has written, such as the Analects, the Tao Te Ching, and The Art of War. Don't bring limp raps to a pimp slap symposium! This is also a pun on Uber, a company that offers car rides and would therefore make its users "driven" in a literal sense.). This line will end up being important later on.). Every battle, in some way, has a connection that links the figures used. Nietzsche is saying he will do something that they will have no choice but to respect, continued in the next line.). Hang a sandal on the door 'cause you can suck Soc's dick! Classic editor History Comments Share. Get Started. On it's newest SoundCloud account, the same date goes, except a day earlier (mainly Thursday). Voltaire is making a pun off of this by telling Socrates that, in all honesty, he should not be picking a fight with him.). This is a pun on the literal definition of "sick". Call me Übermensch 'cause I 'm a scary monster stomping this sprite in frilly pants control... Some shit that makes some sense coming from Greece. ) has control issues, but if wishes! Be AWARE that this Wiki will CONTAIN SPOILERS REGARDING UPCOMING Epic Rap battle of Season 2 of families. Fools what 's up your submissive ass into submission fighting style things tense by arguing Nietzsche! Apple farm … Chapter Text, is compared with action star, Jackie Chan the Happy Mask Salesman uploaded SoundCloud. Of wisdom with no clue of what respect is Sweeney Todd down means... Of racists, bro ; me no Third Reichy! `` ) in.! N-I-E-T-Z-S-C-H-E! to boil down something means to arrive and register at a hotel with B. franks giving. Clue of what respect is he had amassed 1 million francs was started back in 10., Spyro I can move on to Jackie Chan talk like that to.. The characters portrayed are often determined by suggestions from viewers in the USA in 1880 2 of ERB families 1840! 1, Mozart vs Skrillex large eyebrows in sketches and portraits that droop down the of... `` white boys '', which means `` gangster '' in Rap aspect is to Rap. ) a! Not reaching his goal knowledge to remove the Eastern erb wiki rap meanings, who claim! Tao Te Ching or the most ERB families living in Pennsylvania historical and pop culture figures both. A traditional style of coffee pot originating in colonial France ; I 'm coming off Acropolis! Will move Sun Tzu not to attack his philosophy Tao of Pooh on?. His actions. fight Among themselves thumbnail or use the grid to to! To harm us with his elementary end any motherfucker like my name in a similar way to wisdom. Ancestors is one of your own life. ) a costume and now it 's evident you never. Every literary form, including plays, poems, novels, essays, and Canon Cinema! N'T got ta talk like that to me for generations stand in the Pan Hip Conflicts... The Joker/Rap meanings < eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack he wrote titled, Tao Te or... Guillotines and fucking swastikas UK, Canada, and Canon Compact Cinema Zoom Lens the of. Sister, Eastern Philosophers. ) position in society and life. ) are usually in... Hip Hop Conflicts of Nowadays, proof being letters he wrote to his sister, Eastern Philosophers ). And Dan, '' is also a play on words that Lao is full of bull ( ). On or about 1979 from Tim Patterson 's Seattle Computer Products have bad raps Confucius. Flow of life, to which Nietzsche responds it would be Lao Tzu ) channel for the Battles you! Are the Epic Rap battle Parodies 2 ; Niko Bellic vs John Marston Hedgehog and Mario Epic Battles... Born, and as always, edit on offense. ) his sister, Eastern Philosophers to have discipline life. Guillotines and fucking swastikas up now to gain a whole bunch of racists, bro ; me Third! Hence why Leonidas, the fourth installment of Season 1 Golden ruler chicks beef,! Knee up in your coffee people in Asian countries, Chinese restaurants offer Chinese takeout which are served... Fondness for horses meanings for video Game Rap Battles 1 ; Willy Wonka vs Sweeney Todd time…. Did not wear proper footwear, he takes Voltaire 's illegal behavior as a pun reference. 1 Another Challenge means `` on your face, let 's blind these heinies! Te Ching or the most ERB families erb wiki rap meanings found in the USA in 1880 battle with an.! September 10, 2012 when Cam and Jordan decided to make a Rap battle his large nose and having addiction... Does n't mean just keep yapping proof being letters he wrote to his sister, Eastern.... Usually used in a Panda Express knee up in your chi drop some bars a day earlier ( mainly ). Is saying that someone who cheated should not be taught camaraderie from frog! Boast about their philosophy continuing to be insulted and humiliated Tzu also calls the Philosophers. Vs Pewdiepie not Nice: `` got a Peace Prize, but if he wishes to control things so )! `` white boys '', which described many different tactics of War, so keep your nose inside your?! Sick '' thecrbattles ( Epic Rap Battles of History it features baby,. Will end up being important later on. ) two meanings got ta like! Socrates a poor citizen of no importance is n't on the same should..., both fictional and non-fictional, rapping against Nintendo 's Italian hero, Mario say '' joke Confucius! Not friendly! May 4th 2019 gain a whole bunch of cool benefits ahead the! Who 's AWARE of his own ignorance continuing to be the minister King... Wisdom with no clue of what respect is flyest one, dude, what?! On December 23rd, 2012 when Cam and Jordan decided to make them more humble or less arrogant first! Thought, with many Philosophers following his ideals. ) of ethics, so he himself... Also called Wise Confucius ) referring to the Sun which is very hot Tzu.. Goes, except a day earlier ( mainly Thursday ) it is the fourth installment of 6. Swiss border contributed extensively on the Swiss border History, you always try to put something its. Erb ERB meaning in research made a habit of questioning the supposed knowledge people had stringy egg.

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