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Steve, Me, and the Apple 1

The following actually happened, kind of. 

They say an average man has heros while a lucky man becomes the hero of his own life. As I waited for Steve Jobs to visit my houseboat, I wondered what I was a hero of. It didn’t take long to find out. 

Steve came to see the weather station I built with my Apple 1 single board computer. I met Jobs, and Wozniak at the Homebrew Computer Club, where a group of nerds were sharing the knowledge of the personal computers they had built. The two Steve’s demoed a computer they had created on a single board the size of piece of legal paper. That was a phenomenal achievement. 

The Apple 1 to me was magical. I dug up $666 to buy one, and instantly became energized by all things it could do. Jobs liked the weather station and the book I was writing about it but said “the Apple 1 is a piece of junk, come down to Cupertino and you can swap it for our incredible Apple 2.” He added he was starting a new company called Apple Computer. I visited the new Apple office on Bandley Drive, picked up a new Apple II, but forgot to bring my Apple 1 with me. There is a cool story about Steve offering me a job at Apple, but I will save that for another time.

About the Apple 1

Steve felt the Apple 1 was a bad mark for the future of the new Apple Computer company he started. So he generously offered to replace any Apple 1 turned in with a newly designed Apple 2. I kept mine. Forty-six years later, just 99 Apple 1s are known to exist. You can learn all about each of these Apple 1 computers at this neat website:​

Want to Buy It?

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