Mitch Waite

Computer book author, publisher, web designer, and entrepreneur

1974 – Projects in Sight, Sound and Sensation

After my earth-shattering success with the biofeedback project in 1972, I was driven to take on a new challenge – to craft a spellbinding book that delved into the most provocative and revolutionary technologies of my time. I was a writer, and I was determined to make my mark.

In the mid-1970s, the world was buzzing with the excitement of “deep exploration” technologies that sparked our imaginations and pushed the boundaries of what was possible. Biofeedback devices, laser light shows, ESP detectors, Kirlian cameras, and even 3-D oscilloscope graphic drawing devices! I was consumed by the thrill of discovery, pouring every ounce of my being into my work. But when I moved into my first apartment and spent months writing with no income, I soon realized that I had burned through every last cent from my previous Alpha wave biofeedback article.

The release of my book, “Projects in Sight, Sound & Sensation,” was a moment of truth. I held my breath as I watched it hit the shelves in 1974, only to crash and burn in a market that seemed to have no interest in my passion project. Was I ahead of my time? Was I speaking a language no one else could understand? The thought was devastating, but I refused to be defeated. With the manuscript as my weapon, I fought back and landed a technical writing position at a major electronics firm, my first “real” job in the tech world.

But little did I know, this was a job that would test my very soul. I hated every moment of it, and I was determined to never let the fire in my heart die.

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