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2. Honda repair parts and parts diagrams for Honda GCV160 LA0 S3B (GJARA) - Honda Engine, Made in USA (SN: GJARA-1000001 - GJARA-9999999) Cleaned fuel lines to check for blockage 3. type 7: electric start with engine-mounted starter switch/manual choke control/fixed throttle type 8: automatic choke/fixed throttle type 9: automatic choke/remote throttle/ flywheel brake type 10: automatic choke/remote throttle/ blade brake clutch (equipment control) before operation checks is your engine ready to go? Took back to dealer. 1. My Honda GCV-160 also very hard to start. Once the engine is up and running, the Auto Choke automatically returns to an optimal operating position. Gcv160 gcv190 b warning. Honda’s Auto Choke System This user-friendly system is truly automatic, eliminating any manual manipulation of levers. The choke lever automatically returns to the off position 3 4 seconds after the flywheel brake is moved to the run position. Honda gcv160 auto choke diagram. Before the repairs, when I closed the choke by the lever, it would start to open as soon as I pulled on the throttle lever to enable the mower to run, even before I could pull the starting rope. Honda gcv160 auto choke diagram. Will start first pull with starter fluid. My neighbour's basic Briggs and Stratton starts first-pull everytime. Go figure. The system is available on the GCV140, GCV160 and GCV190. Move the automatic return choke [2] to the CHOKE position. Auto Choke System. Automatic choke returnfixed throttle. As soon as the auto choke stopped engine would die. Changed fuel out with frsh, checked oil level, removed carb tore down cleaned, cleaned and gapped plug with no change. Stopping: Move the starter switch to “STOP.” Automatic Choke/Fixed Throttle. The intelligent Auto Choke System automatically sets the choke to give optimum starting and running in all cutting conditions. Electric Start with Engine-Mounted Starter Switch/Manual Choke/Fixed Throttle. Mower 4 yrs old with no problems. element and inspect the choke plate position. After cold for a month doesn't start first-pull but does start after 3-4 pulls, which is acceptable. I have a Honda lawnmower, Easy Start, Auto Choke System, GVC 160. … Move the choke rod to “ON.” Turn the starter switch to “RUN.” Use the recoil or electric starter. Type 3: Flywheel Brake, Automatic Return Choke, Fixed Throttle STARTING THE ENGINE 1. Only a yr. old. Read this thread bought new plug and everything back to normal. The choke lever automatically returns to the OFF position 3 - 4 seconds after the flywheel brake is moved to the RUN position. Cost $30. The engine starts easily whether cold or hot and is ready to use immediately. Eliminate the auto choke and replace with a manual choke. If the choke plate is partially or completely open, the choke is sticking so proceed to the repair procedure to replace the auto choke control assembly and thermo-wax. Thanks! Honda mower choke wont release duration. Assembling the carb on a honda gvc 160 in the right order. Honda's automatic choke is a little primitive but I was able to adjust mine to work as designed again. I have to pull the chord 10 to 12 times before it starts. Then took it to a Honda dealer. Didn't fixed the problem. Had not been setting up. The intelligent auto choke system automatically sets the choke to give optimum starting and running in all cutting conditions. The choke valve is automatically opened / closed by operation of the thermo wax assy installed on the intake manifold. Had same start problem. Reset the choke if the engine does not start within this time frame. 2) If the choke is fully closed, start the lawn mower, allow it to run for about 3 minutes and confirm the choke plate fully opens. We put them in the order of your diagram as best we could but still wont start.

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