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Discovering The Waite Group

Having partnered with McGraw-Hill to produce a string of successful titles, my horizons were now expanding with increasing velocity. I went to work to harness professors, friends and family members to help me build an authoring group. Our focus? To specialize in producing friendly computer books of superior quality on CP/M, Basic, Assembly Language, not … read more

The Million Dollar Deal

The personal computer boom had reached its peak in 1983. I met a New York literary book agent named John Brockman. John took one look at my record of accomplishment and said: “Mitchell, all the big New York fiction publishers want to jump on the computer book bandwagon. I can make you a rich man.” … read more

The Microsoft Years

Microsoft has honed the science of fingering human “prospects” at the prime of their life then like a spider they extract all vital creative juices from their brain stems until dry. Okay maybe that is an overstatement; I should say they often leave them wrapped in a web of stock options worth millions. I was … read more

Starting Over

The years 1985 to 1989 were notable not for successes but for stumbles. The PC industry sunk into a major slump in 1985 and my business followed it down. There is a one-to-one relationship between PC sales and book sales. Lucrative book advances and royalties for The Waite Group vanished. Publishers everywhere pulled back. Unable … read more