CP/M Primer

Twisters do not inevitably touch down on the Kansas plains, and Microsoft was not always king of the desktop.

Set the time at 1980. A company called Digital Research owns the operating system for Intel-based PCs. It is called CP/M. The concept of a “primer” strikes a chord with readers, and so do concise, easy-to-digest computer books. This is why I conceived and authored CP/M Primer.

Weighing in at 92 pages, and costing only $11.95, this 8.5 x 11 spiral bound format title appeals to businesses selling computers with CP/M built in. The title is reprinted in 14 languages. CP/M Primer employs two colors, a good number of blue screens, and cartoon characters–an approach that made this CP/M offering both inviting and useful for the beginner.

The result: 200,000 copies sold in less than 6 months.