Computer Graphics Primer

It’s 1979. I have now performed a mind-meld with the technological marvel that is known as the Apple One computer.

Steve Jobs, a figure who emerges from a Volkswagen bus in torn jeans, arrives dockside at my houseboat. He asks to see the weather station I have created with the Apple. I oblige him with a boat-based demo. He asks me to loan him some gas money to get home. Then he asks me to write a book about the Apple–specifically, the Apple II. I agree.

Guess what? Steve enriches my existence with a new Apple II, introduces me to Woz (Steve Wozinak, the technical wizard of the Apple), and Computer Graphics Primer is born. In full color! And you thought ‘bleeding edge publishing’ was a recent phenomenon?

I get Midwestern editorial flack for the word “Primer”. Some say it is the undercoating of paint. Others tell me it is what makes a bullet go bang. It’s all a lesson in how incredibly anal editors can be. Another bestseller, the book helps me pay for my first house.

Now if I could just meld with a girlfriend who does not protest that I love computers more than…