My first article: How to Build a Brainwave Monitor

Remember 1972? Hippies? Tune in and drop out? Sideburns, boots and VW buses? Back to the earth? Make love not war? Become one with the universe?

I was not the only one fascinated by the lure of Zen practice, nor was I alone among would-be adepts to encounter many obstacles to attaining a state of meditation. Brainwave monitors that enabled one to tune in to hidden EEG waves was the new way to achieve a Zen state. But for a struggling college student the main obstacle was price–these devices cost hundreds of dollars–a month’s rent on my room. What to do?

I worked tirelessly to construct a custom brainwave monitor from Radio Shack transistors–a quest for a new technology that might empower the Quest. After a year of work, I attained my electronic nirvana. I could journey to the stars with my mind and a 9-volt battery! But what a shame, a friend pointed out, to not share this with the world at large. He insisted that I simply must publish the new solution. I contacted Popular Electronics. The excited editor asked me for a “parts” kit to accompany the “how-to” article. I reluctantly located a small company in Berkeley to supply the kit. I then produced the article and returned to my studies in physics.

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Picture this: It is December of 1972. The article hits the stands. I am proud, but broke, and subsisting solely on frozen burritos. Three months later, a royalties check for $10,000 finds a new home in my mailbox! Never the ‘A-List’ English student, I nevertheless now know this: I am a writer.